PicoSure® services offered in Modesto, CA

The groundbreaking technology behind the revolutionary PicoSure® system seamlessly erases years off your skin, without doing anything invasive. With his expertise in modern cosmetic services, Amrik Basi, MD, of Elite Urgent Care along with his expert team of practitioners provide personalized PicoSure skin revitalization treatments in Modesto, California. Start your path to smoother, younger-looking skin by booking a PicoSure evaluation online or by calling the clinic to schedule.


How does PicoSure work?

PicoSure uses energy to harness the power that your cells possess. When cell signaling occurs after injuries, meaning when cells communicate with one another, they release proteins. Surrounding cells detect these proteins and begin a cascade of healing events.

PicoSure’s PressureWave™ technology sends beams of light through a specialized lens, which converts the light into energy. As this energy penetrates through your skin, it creates pressure, which gently squeezes cells and forces them to signal to each other.

Because cells think that an injury is occurring with the added pressure, they quickly start regenerating and building up new collagen and elastin fibers. The end result is a superior revitalization in your skin, reduction in wrinkles, and minimization in pigmented lesions and acne scars, without the risk of burning or damaging your skin.

Which areas does PicoSure treat?

Elite Urgent Care tailors your PicoSure treatment package to you and your concerns. Since PicoSure is safe and effective for nearly all skin types and textures, you can request skin revitalization treatments for your:

  • Face, including around your eyes and mouth
  • Neck and jawline
  • Décolleté

For optimal anti-aging benefits and to resolve any scars or sun damage you may have, Dr. Basi and the Elite Urgent Care team could recommend two to five monthly PicoSure treatments.

Are PicoSure treatments painful?

It’s normal to feel some abnormal pricking-type sensations during your PicoSure treatments. Clients at Elite Urgent Care often explain that PicoSure treatments feel like tiny rubber band snaps targeting their skin.

Patients tolerate PicoSure very well. If you’re sensitive to pain or a delicate area is receiving treatment, your practitioner can apply a topical numbing cream about 20-30 minutes before your skin treatment.

Is there any downtime after PicoSure?

It’s normal to experience some slight redness or minor swelling for several hours after your PicoSure session at Elite Urgent Care. Since PicoSure doesn’t burn or damage your skin, you can re-apply moisturizers, sunscreen, and even makeup right after your session if needed. You can return right back to your normal activities after your PicoSure treatment.  

Learn more about the state-of-the-art PicoSure system by booking a consultation at Elite Urgent Care today. Schedule online or over the phone.